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The concept of Tradition: its survival, transformation and virtual world refashioning 
Tamara Dragadze (RAI)
Lia Melikishvili (Georgian Academy of Sciences)
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Monday 6 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Countries such as Georgia with strong traditions when isolated within the Soviet Union now have access to uncensored media of all sorts and access to the internet and increasingly so in rural areas.

Long Abstract:

Some Georgian traditions, among the young generation, have been presented and discussed on social media. Do they just choose song and dance or other “traditional matters” reinforcing some aspects and discarding others? Will they inevitably in the future be transformed and refashioned or might there be, on the contrary, an active retrenchment into elements seen as being from the past. This applies some of the interests and concerns of traditional anthropology to a futuristic context.

We are calling for papers on the interaction between national traditions and how, once they are showcased on the internet, they are either reinforced and refined or else turned into a parody of what they had been defined as originally. To indulge in futurology, what if as AI develops, programmers wish to make some activities ‘cultural sensitive’ and conform to ‘cultural traditions’ what would such societies provide to them?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Monday 6 June, 2022, -