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Visions of the future of human-machine creative symbiosis 
Kory Mathewson (DeepMind)
Piotr Mirowski (DeepMind)
Luba Elliott (
S. M. Ali Eslami (DeepMind)
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Wednesday 8 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

In this era of human-machine symbiosis, we explore what it means to live, think, and feel alongside machine enhancements to our cognition, physicality, and creativity.

Long Abstract:

The history of humanity is one defined by the inventions of new, strange tools that extend the mind [Clark and Chalmers 1998, Noë 2015]. The 21st century is witnessing a major transition, a disruption in the relationship between humans and machines [Smith and Szathmáry, 1995]. Machine learning technology is augmenting human cognition. As we enhance ourselves, we will need to answer questions about the value of our experiences, the right to modify ourselves, the ethics of engineering, the tension between human and machine creativity, and the definition of life itself. How will we respond to this new world of possibilities? Will we be able to overcome our anxieties and cultural biases to embrace a new age of creative symbiosis? And, how can AI help us to better understand each other, with big data holding a mirror of our cultural artifacts?

Creativity is a crucial aspect of human life. Many argue that endless, creative thought is a defining characteristic of human intelligence. Several recent works have shown how machine learning can be used to produce creative outputs in collaboration with humans. In this panel, we will present recent developments in machine learning applications in the arts. The panel will include a general overview of creative processes from the perspective of generative systems. We will present examples from different AI-generated domains: music, art, poetry, improvisation, theater, and psychotherapy. We will explore visions of the future of human-machine creative symbiosis and we will discuss the potential challenges and benefits of human-machine co-creativity.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 8 June, 2022, -