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Life Itself. Anthropology and Anticipation. 
Jamie Brassett
John O'Reilly (University of the Arts London)
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Jamie Brassett
John O'Reilly (University of the Arts London)
Tuesday 7 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Anticipation Studies posits modelling the future to create the present as a characteristic of what it means to be a living thing. This panel will explore this approach in relation to anthropology, mainly, with important interventions from other disciplines.

Long Abstract:

Rebecca Bryant and Daniel Knight (2019) explore many ways in which anthropology and the future impact one another, noting early on the importance of 'the effects of the future on everyday life' (p. 16). Recent developments in futures studies around anticipation - developed in relation to the theoretical biology of Robert Rosen - also emphasise the ways in which the future impacts the present. For Rosen, the ability for entities to use models of the future to alter present behaviour is a characteristic of 'life itself' (as he titles of one of his books). Philosopher Roberto Poli has been instrumental in the recent 'anticipatory turn' in futures studies. Poli's (2017) _Introduction to Anticipation Studies_ highlights its many connections to other disciplines, including anthropology via the work of Appadurai, Guyer and Piot.

It is the purpose of this panel to contribute to this growing entanglement of anthropology and the future with particular focus on the role of anticipation and anticipation studies. In so doing, we will explore the specific ways in which the future affects the everyday present as characteristic of life, of living, and therefore as anticipation. It is hoped that this panel will serve as a seed for a special issue of _Futures_ journal on futures studies and anthropology.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Tuesday 7 June, 2022, -