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Roundtable participant - Clint Carroll  


Clint Carroll (University of Colorado Boulder)

Short bio:

Clint Carroll is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, he works at the intersections of Indigenous studies, anthropology, and political ecology, with an emphasis on Cherokee land-based resurgence and conservation.

Additional details:

Clint is interested in the politics and practicalities of Indigenous engagements with the conservation paradigm in settler states, both in regard to collaborations and agreements with settler conservation agencies like the US Park Service, as well as how Indigenous nations articulate and enact their own conservation programs and goals. His ongoing work with Cherokee people in Oklahoma to conserve sparse tribal lands for the perpetuation of land-based knowledge, practices, and relationships--in addition to his broader interest in Indigenous conservation strategies--will inform his contributions to this roundtable.

Roundtable R009
Decolonizing Conservation: A Global Conversation