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Plenary: An indigenous dialogue of knowledge about conservation: voices from the Indigenous Sustainable Development (INDIS) Project 
Emma Gilberthorpe (University of East Anglia)
Iokiñe Rodríguez (University of East Anglia)
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Heike Schroeder
Neil Dawson (University of East Anglia)
Start time:
26 October, 2021 at 17:00
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Short Abstract:

Indigenous knowledge has the potential to inspire innovations to contribute towards national and international targets for climate mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable development. However, this knowledge is often invisible or ignored in national and international policy making. Furthermore, Indigenous Peoples themselves often have little opportunity to articulate and share this knowledge in a way that can impact policy-making circles and strengthen their own visions of a sustainable future. Through the INDIS project, Indigenous organizations from three countries (Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Bolivia) have, since 2018, been reflecting on their own way of life and turbulent experiences with environmental, economic and social policies, to present their own visions for just and environmentally sensitive futures.

Long Abstract:

This Roundtable will bring together Indigenous and academic researchers from Bolivia (The Indigenous territory of Lomerio), Uganda (Karamoja/Tepeth) and Papua New Guinea (Ok Tedi region) to share the results of their participatory research and create an opportunity for an intercultural dialogue about their ways of coping with current threats to their territories, their environmental governance systems and their visions of a just future. It will also show case some key outputs that have been produced in the research, like video testimonies, photo-voice exhibitions, and Development Statements, to help the Monkoxi Indigenous Peoples of Lomerio (Bolivia), the Karamoja Indigenous Peoples (Uganda) and the Wopkaimin and Faiwolmin Peoples (Papua New Guinea) articulate and create internal dialogues about their current ways of life and amplify their views of a just and sustainable future in their territories.

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