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Plenary: ‘Partnership’: practices and imaginaries 
Liana Chua (University of Cambridge)
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Start time:
28 October, 2021 at 17:00
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Short Abstract:

In recent decades, ‘partnership’ has become a powerful trope and operative model in conservation, climate activism, humanitarianism, and indigenous rights movements. A seemingly apolitical refusal of global and organizational inequalities, ‘partnership’ implies equitability, mutual respect, solidarity – a commitment to ‘being in it together’. But what do such ideals actually imply? How do they play out in practice? What other forms of partnership exist beyond them? And how else could ‘partnership’ be imagined and enacted?

Long Abstract

This plenary will take the form of a conversation between three anthropologists working on or involved in conservation or climate action partnerships. Speaking from different subject-positions, they will reflect on how partnership is imagined and enacted in various contexts, discuss other kinds of partnership (human, nonhuman, more-than-human) that lie beyond conservation/climate activism, and contemplate how ‘partnership’ can be recast in the present and for the future.

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