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Conservation, Community and Scalability 
David Shankland (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Raymond Apthorpe (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Daniel Tower (University of Sydney)
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Wednesday 27 October, 13:00-14:30

Short Abstract:

This panel invites reflections on the question of the scalability of projects devoted to conservation and community. Specific case studies that identify potential success, or indeed where constraints or failures have been experienced are particularly welcome.

Long Abstract

During our conference, we will be discussing many different excellent examples of the way that conservation and the local community interact and work together. However, how are we to understand the question of the size or the scalability of such initiatives? The problem is a familiar one within anthropology, as we frequently face the dilemma of how local understandings of specific processes can be made relevant to a wider scale. Conservation, likewise, has a similar dilemma: how is it possible to work with indigenous communities to ensure that projects which may work at a local level can be replicated to include larger areas? Reflections are invited on this question of scalability, with a particular invitation to discuss specific case studies, though explorations of the potential applicability of theoretical models drawn from other fields (eg Dunbar's Number) are also welcome. Analyses of the different constraints that may come into play; of successes, and of failures that we can learn from are equally welcome.

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