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Conversations on Collaboration and Colonialism in a Climate Changing North 
Jan Peter Laurens Loovers (University of Aberdeen)
Tatiana Argounova-Low (University of Aberdeen)
Sarah Carmen Moritz (Concordia University)
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David Anderson (University of Aberdeen)
Wednesday 27 October, 15:00-16:30

Short Abstract:

This round-table examines climate change and climate justice in the North. At the heart will be policy-oriented conversations about confronting and surpassing colonial practices and legacies. The round-table seeks Indigenous communities or academics with Indigenous collaborators.

Long Abstract

This round-table in invites papers to examine climate change and climate justice in the North. The North, or Arctic, has been at the forefront of radical and erratic changes in the weather, the land, and the ice. Indigenous Peoples are among the first to bear the greatest and immediate consequences of rapid climate change due to Southern capitalist endeavors. Subsequently, the colonial histories continue to reverberate in Indigenous lives. Calls for climate justice and Indigenous rights have intensified and move beyond the continuous demands that Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge is paramount to any scientific discussion about climate change. The demands are certainly necessary, and indeed Indigenous Knowledge should lead the way of scientific discussions, but they are dismissed in the decision-making processes by non-Indigenous policy-makers and stakeholders. This also has implications when addressing conservation. Climate change affects every aspect and initiative to safeguard Indigenous livelihoods where hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering (medicinal) plants and berries are pivotal. The round-table seeks Indigenous communities or academics with Indigenous collaborators to have conversations how to surpass colonialism in the North. The conversations we seek here are policy-oriented with COP26 in mind.

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