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Decay and Conservation 
Pauline Georgiou (University of East London)
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Monday 25 October, 15:00-16:30

Short Abstract:

This panel will consider literal and metaphorical narratives of decay, and the conservation opportunities that can emerge from them

Long Abstract

Decay, often seen as the enemy of conservation, can be host to a multiplicity of life forms and opportunities, both literally and metaphorically. The natural cycles of life must also be considered worthy of protection and a shift in the narrative can reconsider decay as a beginning or continuation rather than an end. This panel seeks to bring together work on indigenous and humanistic and post-humanistic narratives of decay to challenge normative conservation practices and engage with non-interventionist methodologies. This will provide a productive space for the reconsideration of conservation processes that interject nature for the sake of development. The panel invites papers that explore the theme of decay within the context of nature and heritage conservation, identify alternative conservation methodologies that embrace processes of decay, or that consider decay as a metaphor for the exploration of the conference themes.

Accepted papers:

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