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[Roundtable] Dana+20: Mobile Peoples and Conservation Two Decades after the Dana Declaration 
Cory Rodgers (University of Oxford)
Matthew Porges (University of Oxford)
Ariell Ahearn Ligham (Oxford University)
Greta Semplici (European University Institute)
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Dawn Chatty (University of Oxford)
Marcus Colchester
J. Terrence McCabe (University of Colorado)
Tuesday 26 October, 13:00-14:30

Short Abstract:

The 2002 Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation was the first major effort to incorporate mobile peoples scholarship into mainstream development and conservation policies. This roundtable will examine the impact of the declaration and explore directions for a prospective Dana+20 update.

Long Abstract

Academic research on the contemporary challenges faced by mobile peoples initially came together in the late 1970s, when the Commission on Nomadic Peoples was established alongside the peer-reviewed journal Nomadic Peoples. These platforms paved the way for the 2002 Dana Declaration on Mobile Peoples and Conservation, which was one of the earliest global campaigns to bring critical scholarship on mobile peoples to bear on policy and practice. A shorter Dana+10 statement in 2012 updated the original declaration in several key areas.

As we approach the 20-year anniversary of the Dana Declaration, there is need for reflection on major ecological, technological and political shifts over the past two decades. This roundtable discussion would be chaired by Professor Dawn Chatty, who led the Standing Committee for the Dana Declaration. It would bring together senior scholars involved in the 2002 Dana Declaration - including Professor Terrence McCabe and Marcus Colchester - as well as junior scholars whose recent fieldwork with pastoralists and other mobile peoples provides insight on contemporary policy challenges.

The aim of this discussion is to examine core themes from the Dana Declaration as well as the Dana+10 statement and explore directions for a prospective Dana+20 update for next year. Short presentations and discussions would address how mainstream paradigms of sustainability and development have affected mobile peoples; interrogate "sedentist biases" in our epistemic infrastructures; and identify avenues for improved engagement with mobile populations on the interrelated priorities of conservation, climate adaptation / resilience, habitat loss, and human-animal entanglements.

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