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Workshop: Into the fray: Making an impact as an anthropologist in conservation 
Diane Russell (SocioEcological Strategies, Inc.)
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Wednesday 27 October, 13:00-14:30

Short Abstract:

This workshop draws on anthropologist Diane Russell’s two decades of experience working in conservation, climate change and sustainable natural resource management projects. It offers practical guidance for students and professionals on how to get work in conservation and have an impact.

Long Abstract

Working for and with conservation initiatives is challenging for environmental anthropologists who seek to use the full power of their discipline. Most initiatives remain dominated by conservation biologists and are constrained by poor understanding of institutions, power relations, culture and human behavior. This situation has resulted in poor conservation outcomes, to the detriment of nature and people. For anthropology to make a difference, academics and practitioners together must build a movement. A big part of that movement has to be getting more anthropologists into positions of power and influence within conservation. But how to do that if you are trained within academic anthropology? This workshop will explore avenues for impact based on the organizer’s (Diane Russell) decades of experience. It will cover: skills and experience needed to get employment; how to make allies and build a power and influence base; how to bring together academics and practitioners; and tools and resources within conservation and institutions that can be deployed to effect change. Other practitioners and academics working with conservation initiatives will be invited to join Diane for this workshop, which is targeted to students and professionals who wish to work in the field. The workshop will involve a presentation that covers the points above followed by a question and answer session. Mentoring will also be available throughout the conference and beyond. For further information, refer to

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