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Alexander Street: Anthropology Online Resources and RAI Teaching Edition 
Start time:
18 September, 2020 at 16:30
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Short Abstract:

During this time of remote learning, online databases have become an invaluable resource for many faculty and students. ProQuest's Anthropology Resource Library is one of the largest databases for ethnographic primary sources. This library contains anthropologist's field notes and field recordings, drafts and published ethnographies, foundational and contemporary ethnographic films, and many more resources. From gender roles to rituals and ceremonies, this database covers a variety of themes and topics within anthropology that can help support research and teaching. Join us for an introduction to the Anthropology Resource Library as well as a look into our new collection Ethnographic Video Online: RAI Teaching Edition. Created in partnership with RAI, we will cover what is in a teaching guide and how they can be incorporated into the classroom.