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Public Anthropology and Geography 
Joe Smith (Royal Geographical Society with IBG)
Laura Haapio-Kirk (University College London (UCL))
Ella Harris (Birkbeck University of London)
Simon Underdown (Oxford Brookes)
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Evening event
Start time:
15 September, 2020 at 18:30
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Short Abstract:

This session explores the ways in which anthropology and geography can be – or should be – ‘public’, ranging from engaging beyond academia, informing public policy, through to ways of constructing knowledge with publics.

Long Abstract

Anthropology and Geography have long been ‘public’ disciplines in a range of ways. They both have traditions of being visible in the public imagination and also of contributing to public policy. Furthermore there is a very active current interest in both geography and anthropology in working with publics in the production of knowledge, including through participatory methods. These disciplines have common experiences, challenges and concerns in their work across this spectrum of work in, for, and with publics, spanning issues of methodology and ethics, policy and media interfaces and more. Two innovative researchers share their own experiences in this area, but we aim for this to be a highly interactive session, with delegates bringing their own ideas, experiences and questions to the discussion.