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The Anticipation of Place - exhibition and round-table discussion 
Orly Orbach (Goldsmiths)
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Tuesday 15 September, 15:00-16:30

Short Abstract:

This exhibition asks how the anticipation of place is visualised and inhabited in different locals. And how do such images inform spatial practices, heritage production, modes of sociality and relationships to material environments? You can see the exhibition here

Long Abstract

Recent ethnographic work on migration has opened up news ways of understanding 'waiting subjects' (Dattatreyan 2015) and 'paused subjects' (Elliot 2016) for whom anticipation of place has become integrated into the experience of the everyday. This exhibition aims to build on these works and 'widen' the field, imaginatively and geographically, to examine how the anticipation of places can be understood in different migration contexts, in urban planning, and in other radically changing or seemingly static landscapes. Submissions that reveal the image-making processes and the role of the researcher in their production are especially welcome.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a round-table discussion: 'how is the anticipation of place conceived and visualised, what do these images reveal about the lived experience of those waiting to become part of its future, or those who may be left behind?'

Submissions should reveal new perspectives on the anticipation of place, as imagined locally or remotely, and can include documentation of prints, maps, paintings, drawings, photographs and moving image. Still images should be submitted as high-res digital files, no originals, and films up to one-minute long. Captions and one-page abstract to accompany the images to explain what places are being represent and how the images were produce. Each image should be credited and dated. Permission should be sought from the person submitting.

Accepted papers: