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Beyond Resistance: Value, Aspiration and Contested Realms in Late Capitalism

Sarasij Majumder (Kennesaw State University)
Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt (Australian National university)
Borders and Places
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This panel invites papers that explore spatial and cultural dynamics of capitalism. It seeks to critically and ethnographically engage with frameworks that see capitalism as an emergent process rather than a mechanical system, in the context of widening disparities and emergent populisms.

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Geographers and Anthropologists explore how space, place and cultural practices shape the contextual particularities of global processes of capital accumulation. These particularities which have been conceptualized in terms of realms (Ana Tsing 1993) or interruptions (Gidwani 2008; Fraser 2009) are an important corrective to seeing global economy as a capitalo-centric (Gibson-Graham 1996) mechanical process. Rather the messiness that ethnographies foreground shows the intertwining of capitalism with local, regional, cultural and/or spatial practices that inadvertently slow down or resist the smooth and uninterrupted working of a global capitalist system. Global capitalism, thus, is a continually evolving process that is transformed at the margins as much as it transforms them. Yet, increasing inequalities and unevenness within and among nations, and the emergence of populist regimes that spawn oligarchies pose important questions for both geographers and anthropologists. This panel underscores that scholars of contemporary capitalism must focus on complexities of subjective engagements with capitalism in contemporary times instead of just “romanticizing resistance” (Abu-Lughod 1990). This panel invites contributions that address some of these questions: • What contested realms emerge due to these divergent cultural and spatial practices that enable neoliberal capitalism to function and deepen in particular regions of the global south? • How are realms fractured by emerging forms of aspiration and related politics of cultural distinctions? • Are the interruptions at the margins simply frictions, or enchantments with capital? The panel will explore myriad possibilities at the margins of global capitalism in which values are extracted, realized, mined, and constituted.

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