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Precarious Places in the Anthropocene 
Annika Capelán (Aarhus University and University of Cape Town)
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Thursday 17 September, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel explores notions of precariousness and place in the Anthropocene, by looking at movements, re-orderings, alterations and shifts within human-nonhuman relations. Papers address place-making processes linked to climate change, contamination and landscape transformations.

Long Abstract:

Precariousness has in recent years been discussed as important for our understanding of processes by which relations and worlds are made, unmade and remade (cf Hinkson 2017). While the notion of the Anthropocene draws our attention to the geological scale of human impact, this panel explores precarious aspects of Anthropogenic place-making through dynamic understandings of human-nonhuman relations. By addressing movements, alterations, re-orderings and shifts, papers point towards localised responses, and by bringing in diverse examples from cattle domestication, sheep farming, air pollution and migrations, the panel seeks to theorise on the precariousness of place in times of climate change, contamination and landscape transformations. 

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 17 September, 2020, -