Accepted Paper:

Action speaks louder.... Towards a creative ethnography combining perspectives from "action research" and contemporary art projects.  


Ewa Rossal (Ethnographic Museum in Krakow)

Paper short abstract:

In this article, I present types of artistic-ethnographic projects that discuss traditional methods of producing ethnographic knowledge and its presentation, and at the same time provoke reflection on the creation of experimental ethnographic realities and seek new languages ​​to describe them.

Paper long abstract:

What will happen if we invite artists to the open-air museum and let them act?How do an anthropologist, filmmaker and artistic photographer interact when working on a joint project?And finally what kind of controversy may be associated with experimental artistic-ethnographic project ?

The first project is the performance of Julita Wójcik, which took place during the exhibition "Masters of peasants peasants" in the open-air museum (Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Southern Poland). The exhibition tested the possibilities of confronting contemporary artistic language with collections of ethnographic museums and the ways in which institutions produce a certain image of ethnographic representation.

Through the "Filo conduttore" project, realized as the outcome of anthropological-artistic residence in Chiaromonte (southern Italy), I would like to show how artistic experiments with visual and audiovisual methods affect ethnographic perception and course of events, and create new areas of cooperation on the border between art and ethnography, between different languages, media and representations.

Finally, in "Outpatient clinic" in Poznań artist Łukasz Surowiec created a situation, where alcoholics, anthropologists, artists and random passers-by could meet. The action, which is quite controversial in terms of ethics, was more based on experimental collaboration between ethnographers and artists, and a large part of the project happened in an unpredictable and unexpected way.

My main goal is to interpret projects using the concept of experimental collaboration (Sanchez Criado, Estaella 2018), through which one can go towards new, actionable forms of ethnography.

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Art (and anthropology) beyond materiality and representation