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Accepted Paper:

Planeta Pel: Creating tradition  
Sonia Megias Eva Guillamon

Paper short abstract:

Planeta Pel is the result of four years of research and rehearsal of Spanish duet Dúa de Pel, formed by poet Eva Guillamón and composer Sonia Megías. Our scales, rythms, meters and instruments help us to dig into the roots of different cultures all over the world.

Paper long abstract:

Dúa de Pel is a literary-musical duet that plunges into the roots of tradition to reinvent it with lyrics by poet Eva Guillamón and music by composer Sonia Megías. They involved in this project moved by curiosity to go beyond, or behind, recovering a music that seems to come from the Earth's crust. Their works are a deep listening exercise that connects us with a continuous present from yesterday to tomorrow. They usually sing a cappella or with a primitive instrumental accompaniment, which surrounds this very unusual group in an ancestral aura, almost magical, hard to define or classify.

Planeta Pel is a project full of the telluric force of a planet Earth in danger of extinction. The songs, influenced by spanish traditional music, intermingle with the poems along a trip to another place, to another planet, perhaps, by means of the polyphony of their voices, and the deepness of their poems that are a mirror of that world that lag behind's life in this timeless trip that is Planeta Pel.

Modal music, irregular meters, rich and assorted percussion far away from pop or classical music. Our instruments come from all over the world:

SPAIN - Square tambour, mortar, lute.

ASIA - Melodyhorn (Japan), cymbals (India).

AMERICA - Wooden spoons (Brazil), round tambour (Guatemala), egg-shaker (Latin America).

Our sung talk has been presented in places such as the New York University, the Juilliard School of Music (NYC), the Cervantes Institute of Beijing (China), the SIAS University (China) or the University of Quilmes (Argentina).

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Performing Culture: Art and Performance for Coming to Know and Expressing Knowledge in the Social Sciences
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