Accepted Paper:

Theory of Mediation : a new approach to the anthropology of Chinese art  


Antoine Gournay (Université Paris-Sorbonne)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will discuss how the redifinition of anthropol-logy by Gagnepain's Theory of mediation leads to a new approach of art in China.

Paper long abstract:

Jean Gagnepain's Theory of mediation has been the foundation of a new approach to the study of art (ars/technè). This paper will discuss how this can be applied to the sinicized world. Three main points will be examined :

- The clear distinction between the historical and the technical field.

- The redifinition of art and its representational, sociological and ethical implications, beyond 'material culture'

- The need to apprehend the'technical system' as a whole (as opposed to the traditional approach which studies the various 'arts' separately).

Panel P038
A clinical anthropology of art: theoretical, practical and disciplinary implications