Accepted Paper:

Singing: an expansion of perceptions  
Domenico Castaldo (Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull'Arte dell'Attore di Domenico Castaldo)

Paper short abstract:

Melodies generate a resonant field around the group singing. A different reality reveals itself. You feel peace in this condition. War has been going out from daily life and enter singing, to refine the tools: body, awareness.

Paper long abstract:

I breathe, I walk, I listen. Without my intending it to air flows in and out through my nose. I listen, I calm down, and my heart slows down, a new space opens in me. Between my navel and my solar plexus a light vibration rises, wrinkles my skin. So I start singing.

A vibration comes out of my body and reality changes consistency. I see! I see my own thoughts and the human being singing with me. Awareness rises, answers all the questions coming in this momentum.

Melodies generate a resonant field around us. One feels peace in this condition. The battle has been to detach from daily life and enter into singing, which refines our perceptual tools of body, of awareness.

Melody flows in me; the more it fills the spaces that I offer it, the more my body burns singing. Like wood surrenders to the flame and transmutes (ash, air), so my flesh transmutes in a new matter. All the thoughts that pollute me stays out and watch, distant, this metamorphosis. When I return to flesh, my weakness return. If I could keep these pollutants out forever, to exist would be song.

During a Liturgia's session (an open action of LabPerm) I had this vision: "Do you know how ancients started singing? They were resting watching the clouds, astonished by their dance, and gave out a sound following them with their eyes. A voice, then many voices, a melody that never ends until you stay astonished."

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Knowing by singing: song, acoustic ecologies and the overflow of meaning