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Accepted Paper:

Drawings of stories told  
Garry Barker (Leeds Arts University)

Paper short abstract:

A presentation of drawings made in response to being embedded within a community development organisation. These drawings are both objective drawings and large scale narratives based on conversations held with local people together with reflections on being part of a community organisation.

Paper long abstract:

In response to walking and making observational drawings in a multicultural area to the north of Leeds City centre, a series of large scale narrative drawings have been made that attempt to articulate the feelings, fears and ideas that emerge from a mixed community of people that has been having to come to terms with an idea of a post-Brexit idea of what it is to be English or to live in England as an immigrant.

These drawings operate as allegorical narratives, their spaces bend and distort as viewpoints change and the discomfort and disorientation of what is going on in people's minds is reflected in the spaces in which images are realised. In particular 360 degree photography will be used to take an audience on a journey through one of the finished drawings in order to develop an understanding of how these drawings are evolved.

Panel P107
Conflict and Activism
  Session 1 Sunday 3 June, 2018, -