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Accepted Paper:

The Impact of Symbolism and the Work of Indigenous Artists in Cantagallo and in their Place of Origin: The case of Roldan Pinedo and Elena Valera  
Daniel Castillo (San Agustin University)

Paper short abstract:

The research is the result of an ethnographic approach that allows to contextualize indigenous pictorial art showing its development and influence in the community of Cantagallo in Lima, through the interpretations and narrations of two Amazonian shipibos painters.

Paper long abstract:

The community of Cantagallo is located in Lima and is comprised by indigenous people from the Amazon region of Pucallpa, specifically from the ethnic group called "Shipibo-Conibos", who migrated to Peru's capital to work as artists. Over time they developed paintings with new iconographies and cultural symbols to such an extent that they inserted their works in the Peruvian and international art market in less than ten years. The new artists gained spaces, prestige and money that influenced their communities of origin and their urban community. This talk is based on my fieldwork during 2011 and 2015 and explores the cultural policies, the artists' versions and the iconography of their art works. In this talk I will focus on Elena Valera and Roldán Pinedo, who while developing their art were promoting the seasonal migration of their relatives between the Amazon and the capital and gaining leadership in Cantagallo as they influence political and economic decision-making.

Panel P061
Amazonian Contemporary Art, and its Impacts in Fixing Imaginaries in Transmutational Cultures
  Session 1 Saturday 2 June, 2018, -