Accepted Paper:

Cognitive research on HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge for women of high-risking populations: female population in labour camp in Yunnan Province as a case study  


Shi Zhang (Yunnan University)

Paper long abstract:

In this paper, a women's labor camp in Yunnan Province is selected as a case study, the research method: 1) social anthropological case studies, 2) questionnaires, 3) to carry out HIV / AIDS prevention knowledge training for the high-risking female groups. Issues are covered by our classes are: 1) protection of women's health; 2) prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted disease; 3) symptoms and prevention methods, Studies on these issues have important practical significance. According to our research a majority of Yunnan Provincial Women's Labor Camp inmates are with poor education (below junior high school or less education people accounted for 89.66%, among them 82.7% of those without a job and only 25 % of people have an understanding of HIV transmission routes) .Education is the main causing reason for these women to be infected with AIDS. The AIDS knowledge training program conducted in 2013, there are 31 female inmates participated in our classes and more than 95% of the participants learning for the causing reasons of AIDS issues:1) transmission; 2) initial symptoms; 3) preventive measures; 4) HIV -infected high-risk behaviors; and 5) HIV testing required knowledge. We hope that these classes will significantly improve an awareness of AIDS prevention related knowledge on the role of condoms in preventing the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. 93.10 percent women expressed that they favor the prevention of HIV infection classes.

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Gender and unfinished modernity project: 19th century reforms and 21st century reflections (Commission on Anthropology of Women)