Accepted Paper:

Research on minority-girl education in China: critique and recommendations  


Jiesu Luo ( University of Victoria, BC, Canada)

Paper long abstract:

Minority-girl education in China is a new field of research. This study seeks to explore into this field through reviewing and analyzing the available studies that have been done. The literature has been collected through searching library holdings, Computer Assisted Research Search, and online searching. The criteria against which the literature is to be reviewed and analyzed are in the form of questions and are divided into six categories of introduction, theoretical framework, method, results, discussion (conclusion/recommendations), and abstract or summary; so that all the aspects of a study can be examined. The research field of minority-girl education in China is found to be improving. A summary of the current educational practices concerning minority-girl education in China and the challenges the minority girls face when it comes to education is made after the literature collected has been reviewed. Recommendations on future research orientations are made based on the findings.

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Gender and unfinished modernity project: 19th century reforms and 21st century reflections (Commission on Anthropology of Women)