Accepted Paper:

Migration and urban India: a study of migrants with reference to North 24 Parganas and Kolkata  


Samik Roy (West Bengal State University)

Paper short abstract:

The urban population of India is increasing rapidly, mainly due to an increase in rural to urban migration. Migration is not a new experience in India. The migration process of rural to urban in India started a long time ago, but the recent trend of migration is remarkable.

Paper long abstract:

Migration plays a very vital role in the process of urbanization. It is the symptom of the process of economic development. In the process of industrialization and urbanization of a developing nation like India, the inter-regional migration has important contributions to make. It may serve to some extent the development needs of the nation by ensuring the use of human resources to the best advantage.

In India migration from rural to urban areas has become a trade way assume by an increasing number of families who migrate to the urban area to search of better income opportunities or better life style prospect, Which result the growth rates in every rural sector like dairy farming, dairy industry, agricultural production has been affected.

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Migration and urbanization: emerging situation in pluralistic societies (Commission on Urban Anthropology)