Accepted Paper:

Inclusive democratic reform program to avoid violent revolution  


Ga Wu (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

Until recently the use of condoms was not very common in Yi ethnic areas in Yunnan and Sichuan, even among commercial sex workers and their clients. As a result the epidemic has spread from high-risk groups (drug users, sex workers, unsafe blood donors) to the general population.

Paper long abstract:

In 1989 Yunnan's indigenous AIDS cases were reported; in 1995 reports from Sichuan as well . (Bowtell W. Gil VE, Wang MS, Anderson AF, Lin GM, Wu ZO Husain L. Ma Y, Li ZZ, Zhang KX. Settle E.D. September, Bates G, Morrison SJ, Thompson D Watts J. Wu Z) Seven issues discussed in this paper are: 1) Chinese Medical and Health Reforms; 2) Multi-sector Cooperative Medical Aid; 3) Model Support to the Poor in Accessing Health Services; 4) National response to HIV and AIDS in different countries ( Indonesia Butt 2008 Thailand Fordham 2005 Uganda Schoepf 2003, South Africa Epstein 2007; the sexual services Glick 1967, Paul Farmer in Haiti the former Soviet Union, 'HIV history; 5) The joint publications of UNAIDS, UNICEF and the WHO UNICEF country-wide studies; 6) effective HIV responses from global world; 7) Gender and HIV/AIDS Preventive Measures; Reference: Ditmore (ed.), Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work

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Gender and unfinished modernity project: 19th century reforms and 21st century reflections (Commission on Anthropology of Women)