Accepted Paper:

Women and ethnomedicine: the case of the Assamese Hindu women  


Birinchi Medhi (Gauhati University)

Paper short abstract:

The concept of health and diseases are basically universal. However, traits like belief, education, philosophy, religion and socio-economic conditions, determine people’s attitude towards health and illness.

Paper long abstract:

Every society has the concept of disease and provides an efficacious treatment. The medical system prevalent in a society is a combination of beliefs, ecological adaptation, techniques and tradition. This system is an integral part of the culture of the society. It provides the means to the members of the society for maintaining health and eliminating disease. When we consider environmental factors of the diseases, these cultural factors become more evident. Women have diseases particular to them. The rich heritage of ethnomedicine among the Assamese people pertaining to curing diseases of women led the author to record the use of medicinal plants integral to diseases of women in an around Mangaldai town of Darrang District, Assam.

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Traditional and indigenous medicinal knowledge and practices among the indigenous people: past and its future