Accepted Paper:

Clamour for social justice: development, displacement and climate change amid poverty  


Sidhananda Pradhan (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Paper short abstract:

The state of affairs of marginalized sections of society and communities like an indigenous Tribes and Dalits are in the vulnerable conditions since the time immemorial according to the view of social justice in the period of climate change and during the so-called process of development.

Paper long abstract:

The question of social justice has been at the center of discourse during climate change in which process of development, displacement and poverty are mutually inclusive in nature. It proved that climate change is directly or indirectly attributed to anthropogenic activities. But, the social justice arises concurrently with climate change, right from the issue of equitable distribution of limited resources and opportunities, sharing responsibilities and burden of global pollutions/emissions among the nations. In one side of society, the industrial developed countries are mindlessly exploiting nature to fulfill their greed, and polluting environment for centuries; on other side the people are dying like insects without getting basic needs. Like this, in country like India, the fruits of development have not been distributed properly and only a few are benefited and most of the sections of society are neglected and left out from benefits of developmental process. The purport of this paper is to find out the state of affairs of marginalized people' conditions in the view of social justice in the process of development and climate change. This paper would like to address following questions: why social justice is important in this present climate changing era? Development for whom and at what costs? Why is the weaker sections like indigenous Tribes and Dalits are displaced from their land and livelihood and have not got benefited or ameliorated? What are the moral and ethical tragedy climate change and this kind of developmental process?

Key Words: Social Justice, Climate Change, Global Warming, Social Warming, Development, Displacement, Displacement and Poverty.

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Development, displacement and poverty in the context of social justice