Accepted Paper:

China's social transformation and re-construction of motherhood  


Yihong Jin (Ginling College, Nanjing Normal University; Nanjing University)

Paper short abstract:

This article will discuss new changes about "motherhood" happening in 21st century China, especially on how to balance market, privatisation forces and ethic of caring for the new century's modernity project.

Paper long abstract:

The women's public employment system was supported by the establishment of the public childcare system. Chinese social transformation changes the status of women in the labour and social welfare system. Disintegration of the unit welfare system led directly to the collapse of the system of public childcare, parenting becomes a purely private matter, meanwhile China developed into the "low birth rate" and the consumer society, this double change of demographic shift and cultural transformation has reshaped concept of motherhood. Today's mother is not only meant to bear the responsibility of caring for young children, but also to be in line with modern standards of "education mama."

Panel P127
Gender and unfinished modernity project: 19th century reforms and 21st century reflections (Commission on Anthropology of Women)