Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Technology-enabled communication and its role in evolving new paradigms of language usage  


Deepa Vanjani (PMB Gujarati Science College)

Paper short abstract:

Language is a dynamic phenomenon, evolving and moulding itself according to the needs of its users. The innovations in the technological world have ushered in an era of digitization, changing in its wake the ways in which we communicate.

Paper long abstract:

Language is a potent tool of cultural expression and has undergone sea changes. New words/neologisms have become the order of the day. As the use of social networking sites and mobile applications show an upward trend, new words come into play. Our everyday language comprises of usages like downloading from the internet or uploading on a social networking site or tweeting. We talk of a digital ecosystem, just as we talk of biomimicry and stem cell banks.

New concepts mean new words to express the meaning and extricate sense out of those phenomena. That means the human race is in constant need to new words to cope with the ever increasing, ever multiplying, inter-disciplinary areas of study and development. The present study attempts to throw light on these changes, their co-relation with the changes in inter-personal communication among youngsters and its impact on their cultural milieu.

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Emerging trends in creative patterns in language communication and development