Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Formal and informal medical systems and sustainable development in the Egyptian oasis  


Aleya Hussein Hassan (Beni - Suef University)

Paper short abstract:

Evolving human communities had positive and negative effects on traditional communities which under development. Every community has its informal medical systems depend on its cultural and physical condition for treatment and medicine still use in all oases side by side the new one.

Paper long abstract:

In all oasis environmental, physical and geographical conditions in the life of the population interlink and formulate the nature of the community and its social and cultural systems, and the informal medical systems. It also formulates the life of the population and its health and diseases.

The medical systems in corporates popular methods of treatment which rely on local plants and herbs as well as popular beliefs and traditions associated with health and diseases which have some health function closely related to the geological environment.

The communities of all the oasis are under development projects depend evolution ideas and economic growth and change in all the communities and human being response and on all life aspects.

The ecological and cultural conditions have shaped the ethnographic medical systems in the oasis .

Including health and prevention, problems, popular medications, customs and beliefs, behavioral aspects of those in change of treatment and related rituals.

The traditional medical systems still used side by side with modern medications in treating various kinds of diseases.

The aim of this paper is to know :

1- The traditional medical systems and its effect on health and diseases.

2- The formal medical system.

3- The sustainable development and its effect on population health and prevents the diseases.

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Traditional and indigenous medicinal knowledge and practices among the indigenous people: past and its future