Accepted Paper:

The globalization and indigenous knowledge among the Jenu Kuruba of Chamarajanagara  


Appaji Gowda (Karnataka State Open University)

Paper short abstract:

This paper hopes to trace out the globalization and indigenous knowledge among the Jenu Kuruba of Chamarajanagara.

Paper long abstract:

The tribal's were interviewed with structured questionnaire along with video recording to supplement the study with primary data for findings. The micro study shows that the hill tribes the Jenu Kurubas and the Kadu kurubas different settlements of Mysore district in Karnataka State, India. They are illiterate and their living standard is under Below Poverty Line (BPL). Most of them are deprived of the social assistance. The existing system is ineffective in delivering the services to people. Added to this the tribal communities lack effective leaders among them to help their people. It was found that the major problems of the tribal people are lack of awareness and ability to access to the public offices. Their natural fear of the unknown official system and their inability to meet the transaction costs have also left they deprived.

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Traditional and indigenous medicinal knowledge and practices among the indigenous people: past and its future