Accepted Paper:

The health and educational profile among some selected tribal communities in Karnataka  


Chandrashekara Chikkasiddaiah (Bangalore University)

Paper short abstract:

In this paper I am trying to bring health and educational profile of some selected tribal communities in Chamarajanagara district in Karnataka.

Paper long abstract:

India is a country that leaves one spellbound with its alluring contrasts and striking features in all that it beholds. India is an old country with a rich legend and history. One is sure to get intermingled with the plaited knots of customary and contemporary ingredients of India. Where else will you experience spirituality and solitude than in the mystic land of the lord?. The rich rituals, distinct culture of India, festivals and ceremonies that India celebrates, unfold its legendary sagas. In Karnataka totally about 50 communities are distributed in different parts with their own traditional way of life and maintained their health and education with specific percentage. This is not common among all the communities. This paper discusses about the accessibility of health and educational profile of the urban communities who were migrated to metropolitan cities in search of livelihood. During the migration period from rural to urban cities not only one community or one caste or one religion peoples are taking part in it. In Karnataka state totally 300 community peoples are spreading all over. In urban cities we find different cultural peoples having different motives are moving from place to place. During this displacement people are affected with diseases and they lose their education and health and wealth. In this paper I am trying to bring health and educational profile of Soliga tribe of Chmarajanagara after migration to neighbouring areas.

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