Accepted Paper:

Development, displacement and poverty in Odisha, India  


Iswar Chandra Naik (KIIT University )

Paper short abstract:

Development, displacement and poverty in Odisha, India against the establishment of mining industry and dams in India revolve around Jal, Jamin and Jangal (water land, and forests). These natural resources are the only source of the livelihood of the indigenous people of India.

Paper long abstract:

Most of the people in India depend directly or indirectly on the land, water, forest and other natural resources for their livelihood. There is a mismatch between the nationalistic perspective of development and tribal development and these projects are marginalizing the already marginalized section of our society.

The tribals people, the women, the dalits, and the poor people who have been directly affected by these projects are not getting social justice. They fear to lose of livelihood, dignity, lose of land, forest and water sources, and the imminent threat to their traditional culture. The project affected people are no longer in a mood to suffer displacement along with its parallel attributes like occupational degeneration, social disorientation, pauperization, loss of dignity and often getting cheated of the compensation amount, which serve to make the experience a suffering. The people are losing their basic rights on social, cultural life due to the process of industrialization and development projects.

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Development, displacement and poverty in the context of social justice