Fifty years of anthropological associations: reflections on anthropologies and nations (IAA/JASCA joint panel) 
Soumendra Patnaik (University of Delhi)
Junji Koizumi (NIHU and Osaka University)
Convention Hall B
Start time:
18 May, 2014 at 13:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

The panel seeks to reflect upon the contributions made by various anthropological associations in shaping nations and national life by critically influencing public policy towards, but not limited to, marginal communities in Asia.

Long Abstract

This Panel seeks to reflect upon the journeys made by various anthropological associations in their critical engagement with the task of building or shaping a nation in the post colonial era in Asia. The discussions will revolve around the strategic decisions made by these associations to influence the public policy making it better and more desirable in its approach. Though this is to celebrate the historic coincidence of commemorating 50 years of Indian Anthropological Association and Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, the discussions will include the narratives of such journeys in other parts of South and South East Asia. The emphasis will be on a comparative understanding of such engagements and the manner in which it is informed by anthropological insights. Anthropological engagement with nations and national life has been mutually enriching and it is this interface that the panel particularly seeks to reflect upon in cross cultural perspectives. The panel would consider the vulnerabilities of various marginal communities including indigenous ones in their historical and contemporary perspectives.

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