Filming "science ethnography" (Film session)
Yasuhiro Omori ( National Museum of Ethnology & the Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Kazuyo Minamide (St. Andrew's University)
Tadashi Yanai
Start time:
15 May, 2014 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel will focus on the role of ethnographic film making in scientific research. Since the integration between natural and social science has been aimed, how the visual anthropologists could collaborate with others? The panel will appreciate both film screening and paper presentation.

Long abstract:

As the globalization by the flow of people and culture has been accelerated, the ethnology is threatened its role, even its existence, since it had been interested in the uniqueness/identity of each ethnic group or universality of human being as origin. Our everyday lives in interact each other are nowadays consisted not only with the socio cultural knowledge but with the exchanges of scientific knowledge. The trend of the integration between natural and social science explains that it is impossible to understand our modern lives without that collaboration. Could we, the anthropologists, view such comprehensive human activities including the fusion of the knowledge?

Ethnographic film/video should also spread its interest to natural science. In the demand of the integrated sciences, can visual anthropologists focus on science itself? In this panel, we would like to discuss the possibility of "Science Ethnography" through filmmaking. Both paper presentation and film screening will be welcome.