Challenges of space anthropology
Hiroki Okada (Kobe University)
Start time:
15 May, 2014 at 17:30 (UTC+0)
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Short abstract:

The presentations by this panel will offer several perspectives on the research domain of space anthropology to re-think anthropology, taking into consideration the fact that contemporary space science and technology has had a major impact on culture and society.

Long abstract:

We will offer various perspectives for exploring the possibilities of a new research domain called "space anthropology", in which the field is "space", not somewhere on earth, at a time when space development has already begun and associated contemporary problems have surfaced.

Space science and technology, which has expanded and developed rapidly in this century, forms the basis of the many new means of communication. It has a significant influence on the traditional fields researched by anthropologists. Conversely it also leads to great possibilities in the expansion of human lifeworld, the transformation of existing world views, cosmology and the establishment of the new modes of cognition and communication.

While the domain of "space anthropology" contains the study of space science and technology and space exploration, which are situated with the extension of the ongoing historical phenomenon of globalization, the three following points should be examined.

Firstly, the "post-modernism" view of the world which supports the space development, being related to the problem of "modernism". Secondly, the application of anthropological concepts and methodologies in research within the new field of space. Thirdly, the transformation of human societies and cultures from space development.

We suppose to approach the field of "space" from these three points of view, with consideration to cultural, cognitive and social aspects, to concretely re-examine the ontology and the epistemology of human beings. With a focus on the cognitive point of view and the cultural, each presenter on the panel will give a presentation on a specific topic.