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On being "indigenous peoples": connecting local practices with global context 
Naoko Fukayama (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Junko Maruyama (Tsuda College)
Makiko Kimura (Tsuda College)
Yuka Mizutani (Sophia University)
Da-Wei Kuan (National Cheng-Chi University)
301 A
Start time:
17 May, 2014 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Indigenous peoples' rights have been a topic of international discussion, and indigenous peoples have become more active and visible over the last few decades. This panel attempts to reconsider the local practices of indigenous peoples and minorities in relation to the global context.

Long Abstract

2014 marks the final year of the Second International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples, during which the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples will be held at the United Nations. Over the last few decades, indigenous peoples' rights have been a topic of discussion in the global arena, and indigenous peoples themselves have become significant actors by engaging themselves with political, economic, social and cultural movements at domestic and local level in many parts of the world. Focusing on separate groups of indigenous peoples or minorities, we attempt to analyze the ways they interpret and use the concept of indigenousness under the influence of the global arena, and struggle to improve upon present conditions from a transcontinental and comparative perspective.

We hope to extend the discussion to the issues of human rights, plural civil society, or dynamics of identity. This panel already has four presenters on case studies in Oceania(Naoko Fukayama / Tokyo Keizai University), Asia(Makiko Kimura / Tsuda College), Africa(Junko Maruyama / Tsuda College), and North America(Yuka Mizutani / Sophia University). We welcome papers on topics from various regions in the world.

Accepted papers: