Accepted paper:

The Gold Age, Not Old Age- A Dream!


Amitava Samanta (Markham college of commerce)

Paper short abstract:

we at the attainment of 55 years must have scientific planning to reunite at the root from where we have started our journey at the age of 1. It may be a village or a small town from where I have started my journey. Now at the age of 55 I am returning back to my village Lari .

Paper long abstract:

How old-age can be converted into gold age ? Old-age can be converted into gold-age by back to own village or town as "far away from madding crowd. We can repair or reconstruct our ancestral property and stay at old-age with all family members . Japan, China, Indonesia, India the major countries of Asia are facing the problem of old-age and future of old population is already a problem in Europe, South and North America but in contrast 54 Islamic countries have their inbuilt socio-cultural adjustments where old is not a problem in isolation it is a important part of social life. I can be back to my ancestral house with repair or reconstruct new apartments on the same land with a family fund .If fund is insufficient I can take loan from bank mortgaging the fixed asset. Proper medicinal facilities is also an important sector in old-age . Proper geriatrics doctors should be appointed who will take care of the members of the apartments. Money for this project will be maintained out of a corpus fund under the guideline of Panchayat in village , municipality or municipal corporation in towns. Spiritual centres will be inbuilt accommodated with meditation points, prayer rooms, yoga centres etc..Heritage Deity will be maintained and loan money can be taken from deity fund . Proper auditing and accounting will be strictly maintained by the chartered Accountants.

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The problems and values of old age in the post-modern era