Accepted paper:

Factors of negative attitude toward labour ethno-migrants in contemporary Russia


Elena Okladnikova (Sankt-Petersburg engineering and economy university)

Paper short abstract:

Today Russia has become the state of immigrants from Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Ukrane, Moldova. This paper examines factors increasing negative stereotypes of mass conscience toward labour ethno-migrants form Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Ukrane, Moldova in contemporary Russia.

Paper long abstract:

Negative geterostereotypes concerning are lined up in the citizens minds of contemporary Russian big cities hierarchically. Least favourable stereotypes concern labour ethno-migrants from Central Asia, most positive stereotypes concern labor ethno-migrants from Ukraine and Moldova. Citizens attitude towards labour ethno-migrants is shaped under the influence of three factors. These factors are not realized by mass consciousness but effect public opinion as a block of stereotype ideas: 1) actions of authorities representing themselves as liberal-democrats but in practice lobbying the laws maintaining inequality of labor ethno-migrants (in juridical, trade and social spheres); 2) operating influence of Media: negative geterostereotypes are often implanted in the minds of respondents with the help of the language of animosity: literary clich├ęs with negative connotations and generalization: "guest worker","tadjik-narco dealler", "Caucasian robber", "non-legal migrant", "Muslim terrorist"; 3) background phobias and feelings of respondents (unfulfilled national idea, pragmatic orientation of mass consciousness, social "asthenic syndrome" expressed in political nihilism). I suppose that Positive political will can help to solve the problem of conflict and negative attitude of the citizens in contemporary Russian cities toward labour ethno-migrants. There are no dangerous nations, but there are dangerous situations which are the manifestation of Nature, Ethnic and History laws. Most dangerous situations in cross-cultural and ethno affairs spring from political conditions.

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Migration and indigenous peoples