Accepted paper:

Effect of urbanization on quality of care


Somajita Chakraborty (Medical College Calcutta)

Paper short abstract:

The NRHM (National rural health mission) aims to provide affordable, quality health care to all the people especially the poor. Even though the NRHM has increased the quantity of health care services and improved the service delivery, the quality of services delivered is still an issue. The improved quality of service will result in better utilization of health facilities and there by result in better out comes of the health indicators.

Paper long abstract:

The National Rural Health Mission has made a paradigm shift in health care delivery in the country. Under NRHM there was a rapid expansion of infrastructure, increased Manpower, greater flexibility in operation, improved financial management, and increased budgetary allocation led to considerable expansion of service delivery. The access to the service has improved to a great extent.

Quality Assurance is a component under NRHM implementation plan. However that plan does not have definite execution road map. In some of the states the QA program is implemented by development partners. Still, Quality assurance in the health care facilities and health care service delivery is still in its infant stage at many states. A full-fledged system of quality assurance which includes mentoring of the health facilities has to be developed.

. Govt of West Bengal proposes to establish a model of supportive supervision/mentoring for Quality Assurance of Health care delivery in the 44 high focus facilities distributed in all districts. The identified facilities will be divided into two groups- Rural and Urban , depending on absence or presence of municipal authority.

The objective of the Mentoring Program is to provide Quality assured services to those who are attending the respective health care facilities to impact on the following parameters:.

1. Still births

2. Early Neonatal Deaths

3. Maternal deaths

4. Case fatality rate due to PPH, Eclampsia and sepsis

panel LD05
Urbanization and reproductive health (IUAES Commission on Urban Anthropology)