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Second generation indigenous


Vicente Javier Arias Gomez (Universidad Nacional de EducaciĆ³n a Distancia UNED)

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What will be part of the social status of the indigenous descendants who are the grandsons of those families who have been forced to emigrate from their places of origin to other unknown lands where societies are different in their ways of life and also the different ethnic groups.

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Nature is wise and balanced on its natural resources. In the indigenous peoples live in harmony and happiness. But the man is the sponsor of these advanced companies that destroy the habits of the native peoples with economic objectives. That if you continue this form of exploitation, will transform the earth. These human beings are forced to abandon their homes and families to obtain a better life full of hope, but this is actually an injustice of human rights the need to scroll to other parts of the world. This is the theme for each day in humanity. Nature has never been controlled by human beings if studied. The descendants of this indigenous population have difficulties of integration that are the second and third generation. Western society sees as population of third level despite the fact that they were born and have the same rights as the own of these places. This is the reason why what I'm going to develop a study of the descendants of the natives in their integration painful to them in a globalised world in which thinks that western society is a world of great fortunes and wealth full of opportunities, but in reality it is more that illusion as reality that have to compete with jobs, education, health care in a society at a disadvantage with the rest of the population.

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Migration and indigenous peoples