New Directions in Anthropology
Gareth Hamilton (University of Latvia)
Sally Atkinson (University of Exeter)
Prof Bob Simpson (Durham University)
University Place 4.206
Start time:
7 August, 2013 at 14:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel brings together new international scholarship from across anthropology. We demonstrate how our different perspectives, looking both backwards and forwards in the temporality of human sociality, enable us to shed new light on emergent problems in the discipline.

Long abstract:

Anthropology holds a uniquely reflexive position among studies of human life. Through awareness of the histories and legacies of our ancestors' the discipline develops and analyses past innovations in the light of current events, providing space to rethink contemporary issues in sociality. This panel demonstrates the collective breadth of Anthropology, mirroring the international union of disciplinary perspectives of the conference This panel invites papers which address the social, physical and intellectual past, and re-examine classic anthropological themes through contemporary critical perspectives in order to develop and advance theoretical approaches. In particular we will address critical approaches to change and the analytical value of process. We will conclude the session with an open discussion about the diverse approaches to temporality, theory and process which can motivate new directions in anthropological scholarship.