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Women Culture Museum in China: ways of seeing the changing national culture (IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Women) 
Ga Wu (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)
Yajun Qu (Shaanxi Normal University)
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Museum Anthropology
Alan Turing Building G108
Friday 9 August, 14:30-15:30, 16:30-17:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Transforming Chinese Female Images in the National Exhibition Culture Centers. Women Culture Exhibition Project Women Culture Exhibition Project is with an exhibition room of over 10 items of collected cultural treasures that are to be exhibited under five special topics.

Long Abstract

This exhibition project is presently supported and has been organized by the sole all-around women museum in China.

1. Her story her story is their stories

2. Women's Characters in Jiangyong around Jiangyong County, Hunan province of China.

3. Women Craftwork.

4. Wedding dresses in Han and ethnic minority China This part mainly exhibits bride's wedding dresses.

5) Any nation's marriage customs have its own tradition. The style, the color and the pattern of the wedding clothes maintain a stable content, a nation's oldest worship and its symbol.

Accepted papers: