Cultural regeneration, institutional creativity and social transformations in contemporary indigenous worlds 
Sabine Jell-Bahlsen (Ogbuide Films)
Ananta Kumar Giri (Madras Inst of Development Studies)
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Survival and Extinction
University Place 3.209
Friday 9 August, 9:00-10:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Our panel deals with movements of regeneration, creativity and transformations in contemporary indigenous worlds.

Long Abstract

Indigenous peoples have bee subjected varieties of assaults and violence, especially during the process of colonization, evangelization and etatization of the globe. Forces of colonialism and evangelism have destroyed their religions, traditions and institutions. In this place of ravage and destruction there have been several movements of cultural regeneration and institutional creativity in the contemporary world. We find this in several new spiritual, religious and political movements. For example, in the face of Christianization and Hinduization of their faith, belief and religious systems, indigenous people around the world are striving to find their own roots of faith, belief and spirituality. We find this in various movements in India, China, Africa, Latin America and around the world. For example, in Arunachala Pradesh, India, there is a movement called Dani Polo which seeks to revive the indigenous faith tradition of the tribals. Along with such movements of cultural and spiritual regeneration, there are also political movements which experiment with news forms of political organization and coordination other than the overwhelming apparatus of the modern state. We find glimpses of this in the Zapatista movement in the Chiapas, Mexico. Our panel wants to explore such movements of creativity and transformations

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