Exploring well-being in later life: crossing cultures, crossing borders (IUAES Commission on Ageing and the Aged) 
Leng Leng Thang (National University of Singapore)
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Life and Death
Alan Turing Building G109
Wednesday 7 August, 14:30-15:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

This panel examines the well-being among older persons through their strategies, practices and behaviors from diverse cultures and societies. A gendered approach will be emphasized where possible to understand differences men and women in their experiences of well-being in later life.

Long Abstract

In the age of mass longevity where mandatory retirement no longer spells the end of one's contribution to society and one's pursuit of an active lifestyle, we are witnessing emerging diversities within and across societies and cultures in exploring what constitutes the well-being of older persons. Moreover, in the recent decades, globalization which has facilitated the ease of cross-border movements has further afforded opportunities for older persons to experience later life in different cultures through long stay and retirement migration. How has the search for well-being change with new opportunities available? How have one's cultural resources help in enhancing later-life well-being? In this panel, through ethnographic cases and qualitative examination of the strategies, practices and behaviors of older persons from diverse cultures and societies, the presentations further explore the actors' interactions with predominant concerns in aging, such as financial and care concerns, as well as their interactions with the larger environment and community to give meaning and value to later life. Where possible, the presenters are also encouraged to take a gendered approach to promote the understanding of the differences men and women may experience about well-being in later life.

Accepted papers: