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Current challenges of anthropology of work 
Rosangela Correa (University of Brasilia)
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Producing the Earth
Roscoe 1.003
Tuesday 6 August, 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Work as a human social activity of transformation of nature, always had a fundamental importance in various spheres of social life. Thus, identification processes, forms of relationships (subordination, domination and exclusion, equity, reciprocity, correspondence, etc.)

Long Abstract

In recent decades there have been major changes in production structures in the world, centrally involving the application of different modes of labor flexibility and precariousness. These changes, which extended to both the urban and the rural, redefined the terms of employment, labor relations and business strategies, and the methods of protest and resistance of workers, resulting in forms of mobilization, strategies collective production and employment, recovery, innovation and diffusion of union strategies.

We invite contemporary approaches that are presented to describe the complexity of daily work (industrial, service, trade, informal) exerted in urban contexts, involving the challenges of skills, the uses of technology, tensions represented by phenomena such as instability, unemployment and risks faced by workers. We want to understand the changes occurring in rural areas related to agribusiness activities, whether in farming or ranching, paying attention to changes made in the field worker's identity and way of life.

We believe that an ethnographic eye and an approach through field work can grasp the multiplicity of meanings that these processes take. This working group aims to bring together research from a socio-anthropological perspective, contrast observations, explanations and interpretations.

Accepted papers: