Dialectical Anthropology Panel B: producing labour and the earth 
Kathy Powell (NUI Galway)
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Producing the Earth
University Place 6.212
Friday 9 August, 16:30-17:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

This panel considers the material conditions of the production of labor in the context of the dereliction and retrenchment of market capitalism, raising questions about threats to social reproduction, limits to exploitation and the oppression of the wage imperative in the production of human life.

Long Abstract

This panel examines the status and future prospects of the sociocultural meanings and material conditions of labour and of working lives in a context of chronic global underemployment, in which the relation between wages and the cost of the social reproduction of labour is increasingly meaningless, while at the same time working populations are coercively subjected to the extraction of tribute to sustain accumulation within financial regimes. As the integrity of labor, livelihoods and social reproduction is to an increasing extent threatened, venerable questions about the self evident logic of accumulation and the limits to exploitation can be usefully revisited, and questions about the overbearing imperatives of wage earning in the production of human life(times) can be usefully reintroduced.

Accepted papers: