Anthropology of emotions and senses in religious performances 
Yujie Zhu (Heidelberg University)
Sujit Surroch (Government Post Graduate College Palampur, H.P., India)
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The World of the Mind and the Mind in the World
University Place 2.218
Thursday 8 August, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Religious performances provide the platform for people to express their emotional feelings and senses in a subtle way. Worship, dance, sacrifice, incantation etc are different forms of religious activities which allow humans to communicate their feelings to fellow humans

Long Abstract

Religion is one of the oldest institutions of society. Religious performances vary from culture to culture. Religion is practiced at individual level as well as at group level. Religious performances like worship, dance, torturing self, sacrifice of animals, incentivized etc provide an occasion to express one's feelings. These are also ways of communicating certain messages in subtle ways.

Masked dances are very common not only in traditional societies but also in some of the modern societies. Emotions expressed through such performance have to be interpreted within specific cultural contexts. Sorrow, happiness, anger, love, sensuality etc are expressed in religious performances. In a multi-ethnic, multi-religious countries like India. Religious performances are used to communicate ideas and feelings across the ethnic groups. In a stratified society, direct communication may be impossible among members belonging to higher and lower strata, whereas communication may be carried out though masked performers. The contributors of papers to this panel are requested to submit their papers in written texts supported by visual images.

Accepted papers: