Mobile sentiments: transformations of affect amid transnational migration
Nicola Mooney (University of the Fraser Valley)
Glynis George (University of Windsor)
Movement, Mobility, and Migration
Roscoe 3.3
Thursday 8 August, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

This panel examines the affective and emotional responses of people to migration, attending to how these are constituted, transmitted and circulated, as well as to the roles of memory, history, place, polity, governance, and the imaginary, among other social phenomenon, in these processes.

Long abstract:

Many emotions connect humans to places, whether homes, landscapes, or nations, and these are unsettled and transformed with transnational migration. This panel proposes to explore the dimensions of 'mobile sentiments' - what we see as the affective and emotional responses of people to the places and experiences of migration - in several ethnographic contexts. How are mobile sentiments constituted, transmitted and circulated within migrant communities? How and why do people express links to home and place in migrant contexts, and how do these differ from those 'at home'? Through what processes do host nations become home nations? How are emplacing sentiments in migration shaped by those at home, as well as by the circumstances of movement? How do notions of time and history, as well as place and space, influence the affects of migration? What are the roles of memory, nostalgia, and the imaginary in the construction of migrant attachments to place, landscape, nation, etc? What are the affective dimensions of governing mobile subjects through settlement, citizenship, multiculturalism, and other policy frameworks?